Meet our animals, learn what it takes to be a young farmer, and find out what we do to prepare the farm each day.


Ages 4-6

Meet some of the animals on our farm.

Learn more about our larger animals like sheep, alpacas, our pigs, and smaller animals like chickensguinea pigs, and even a rat!

Say hello to Tom, Ben and Jerry - our three alpacas. Learn how to draw an alpaca or llama with Garry Parsons.

Ages 7-12

Learn about being a younger farmer and what goes into looking after the animals we have on the farm.

Find out about our animals, the work we do on the farm at the start of the day and the end of the day as well as about animal health checks and why we do halter training.

Find out about grooming and bathing Shetland ponies and the tools we use.